We’re pleased to have yet another new face around the office. This one belongs to Joe O’Dell, our brand-new Director of Finance.

Joe is already stocked with years of experience and impressive credentials; he’s a sharp CPA with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Western Michigan University and a Master’s in Accounting from University of Florida. Background isn’t the only thing that makes Joe an asset to our finance department—he’s a people-person to boot.

Originally from Clawson, MI (or as some have put it, “just outside of Detroit”), Joe is an all-American dad who spends his free time with his sons, coaching baseball, and breaking a sweat in the gym. If you’re on Joe’s team, you might call him Coach. Evidently, that doesn’t pertain to the Anson-Stoner team—he’s emphatic that we only call him Joe. Nevertheless, we’re happy to be on the same roster.