Tom “Spike” Macaluso, Senior V.P./Creative Director at Anson-Stoner, knows all about passion. It’s in his Italian-American blood. It’s what drives him, his department and the entire agency to relentlessly create effective, award-winning work.

So, when AAF Polk County Florida — the Polk County chapter of the American Advertising Federation — recently invited Tom to share insights, he was delighted to oblige. The presentation, entitled “The Importance of Passion in Our Business,” focused on the ability to create branding campaigns and communications at the highest level, the secrets of which are no secrets at all. It comes down to hard work, energy, talent, and the steadfast belief that okay work won’t work.

From Tom and everyone at Anson-Stoner, a big thank-you to AAF Polk County for the chance to talk about the process we love and to meet so many fine people. We passionately appreciate the opportunity.