That’s the theme of Anson-Stoner’s latest campaign for Florida Virtual School, starring some of the star pupils of FLVS. Go ahead and give the new television spot a look.

It tells the FLVS success story in the straightforward words of its students. It shares the vision of a school benefiting a diverse group of individuals, each with his or her unique stories and talents, who discover a place where everyone can succeed.

This :30 spot is part of our rebranding initiative for Florida Virtual School, including a new logo, identity package, website redesign, billboards and web ads.

The new campaign, created to tug at the heartstrings and stir feelings of pride in young people realizing their potential, introduces the flesh & blood personalities behind the FLVS online school experience.

In a genuine sense, these students really are FLVS. And, as Florida Virtual School’s agency partners, we’re proud to say that we are, too.

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