This month, in the first of a series, we shine a well-deserved spotlight on the Anson-Stoner Media Department.

In the world of communications, it’s no secret that natural-born media types are a rare breed. The best of the best are tough, flexible, analytical, relentless and an absolute boon to any client roster. Having a thoroughbred media specialist in your corner makes you lucky; having a staff of them makes us darn near unique.

With a combined 62 years of Anson-Stoner experience, Philadelphia natives and Media VPs Karen Madanick and Jessica Roberts have crafted media plans for national and regional clients representing most major industries. When they go to bat for you, they bring serious clout. And a very capable team. While Karen and Jessica expertly interpret data, explore new media avenues and negotiate hard-nosed, advantageous deals for our clients, they receive support from Digital Media Strategist Katie Lumley, Digital Media Coordinator Nicki Martinez, and Paid Social Specialist Nate Barone, all helping to exceed the expectations of our clients.

Katie, Nicki, and Nate pack a combined punch when it comes to the digital universe. Like her colleagues, Katie is a master of adaptation and a forward thinker who seamlessly applies digital assets to every facet of a client’s business. Nicki’s strengths include deft interpersonal skills and an affinity for analytics — which makes her job all the more interesting, she assures us. Echoing their strengths, Nate’s ability to grasp the evolving digital media terrain makes him a real asset when it comes to advertising on a multitude of platforms.

Together, Karen, Jessica, Katie, Nate, and Nicki bring invaluable skill, experience, synergy and dynamism to the table. When our Media Department puts its heads together, even remotely when necessary, that’s a lot of brain power. And though much has changed over the decades (not to mention the last 12 months), one thing remains a constant — the entire Anson-Stoner team will always be dedicated to our craft, proud of our work, and ever grateful to have clients who push us to excel.