In a world of increasing reliance on technology, connectivity and access, a few remarkable places continue to embrace traditional values and remain happily off the beaten path. Our newest account at Anson-Stoner is one such place.

Mountain Lake is a historic, private community secluded among the lush rolling hills and sparkling lakes of Central Florida. Its 1100-acre grounds were designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr. in 1915, and its golf course was laid out by the legendary Seth Raynor.

Generation after generation, members continue to appreciate long-held notions of dignity, respect, and a perfectly-tuned balance of privacy and camaraderie. They embrace family, community, time-honored social graces and outdoor recreation with equal enthusiasm.

Most of all, they place great emphasis on maintaining a tradition of excellence, doing everything in their power to preserve and enhance it. And that’s where we come in.

Mountain Lake understands that Anson-Stoner accepts nothing but the best for our clients, and they know we’ll apply those same standards to projects including a new brochure, website and identity package.