Creative Mornings assembles artistic communities for monthly morning talks in cities the world over. Recently Creative Mornings Orlando hosted our very own Tom Macaluso as a guest speaker. Tom tackled the groups global topic of “Symmetry,” sharing with other local creatives his perspective on symmetry in his own life as well as the influences on his body of work. “Work to find your balance whether it be through symmetry or asymmetry or the perfect brand of eyeliner.”

That message stands at the core of his and Anson-Stoner’s work – using asymmetry to break audiences from the standard monotony of the everyday and engage. What results is outstanding, evocative work that inspires action while continuing to inspire Tom. It’s his way of finding balance in work and life.

Tom and everyone at Anson-Stoner thank Creative Mornings Orlando for the opportunity to share how symmetry, and the lack thereof, guides our award-winning work.