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A very special Tom and Gene bulletin

Just when you thought you knew everything about Creative Director Tom Macaluso and ACD Gene Albamonte, we’re bringing you two things you probably don’t know.

1) As the Steelers and Jets meet face-to-face in the mega dome this Sunday, Tom and Gene will share reviews of this year’s million dollar TV spots. Follow Anson-Stoner on Twitter as they provide tongue-and-cheek commercial commentary via live tweets during the Super Bowl. With their clever comments, intellect, and advertising prowess, we’re pretty sure it’ll be anything but boring. Follow along on Super Bowl Sunday at The fun begins at 5 p.m.

2) Tom and Gene recently won the WLOQ Adtastic Award. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s probably because a) it’s the award’s inaugural year, and b) see reason ‘a’.
WLOQ is a jazz station located in Winter Park, Florida. The criteria for winning an Adtastic Award is simple: a) the radio spot(s) must be created by a local agency, b) it must be memorable, c) it must be creative, and d) all of the above.

Needless to say, we at Anson are proud to win the first Adtastic Award for the radio campaign created for Apex Pest Control, and we thank WLOQ for the honor.
You can listen to one of the Apex spots below. You can hear more in our work section, too.

There: now you know everything about Tom and Gene.

Apex Pest Control: Grass

Apex Pest Control: Wood